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Butcher Cool Room Installation, Campbelltown

We installed a cool room in a new butcher shop in Campbelltown. Cool room installation involves sealing an existing room, installing a refrigeration unit, and connecting it to the necessary ducts.

This cool room is built to operate at zero or even sub-zero temperatures. It is a freezer that is capable of storing raw meats for a conservative 4 months, but the same system can be used as a refrigerator at milder temperatures for all manner of goods and foodstuffs.

Apartment Block External Air Conditioning Units, Campbelltown

Rooftop air conditioning units and other outdoor air conditioning units are components of some highly efficient air conditioning systems. These components are called condenser units, and have the role of expelling the hot air absorbed from the inside of your building.

We installed this compressor on the roof of a block of flats in Campbelltown. It is part of a building-wide air conditioning system that we installed.

Compressor units are a vital part of split-system air conditioning, and their high cost-effectiveness also makes them a mainstay of apartment, office and industrial air conditioning solutions. And, they also often mounted on the walls on the side of homes.

Home air conditioning, Prospect

We were pleased to finally bring air conditioning to a homeowner in Prospect during one hot summer. The installation process for this kind of wall-mounted air conditioner is simple and affordable, but still requires ducting and cabling through walls that is best left to the professionals.

We are glad to have made a difference in this resident’s life, and she couldn’t believe what a difference it was.

Retail Refrigeration, Campbelltown

We installed a large number of new refrigerators and freezers in a shopping center in Campelltown. All of these were display refrigerators, and included shelved refrigerators, shelved freezers, chest fridges and chest freezers.

The scale of this project gave us a chance to use our full talents in refrigerator planning and installation. We are proud to say that we produced a setup that is cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and extremely durable.

Restaurant Refrigerators, Glenelg

We take pride in our beautiful stainless kitchen refrigeration and kitchen freezers, for restaurants like this popular place in Glenelg. Two of our main focusses in this job were convenience and style. We installed eight refrigeration and freezer units in total, in key locations around the kitchen, and we made sure that they were conveniently positioned and installed. But also, we installed them seamlessly so that they became part of the sleek stainless kitchen interior.

Fish & Chip Shop Chest Freezer, Henley Beach

Now for a job that shows that take care, even in our smallest refrigeration jobs. We installed a chest freezer in a fish & chip shop in Elizabeth. The owners discussed with us to determine the best freezer option for their situation. We guided them towards a chest freezer, because it is compact, yet can achieve the sub-zero temperatures required. And importantly, it can be easily opened and closed without causing any obstruction in a limited kitchen area.

Ice Freezer Repair, Morphett Vale

This was a job that required our expertise in repairs, and showcased our versatility in being able to work with even obscure types of refrigerator units. This ice freezer in a service station in Morphett Vale finally started showing its age one week when the managers noticed that the ice had gone watery. But fortunately, we were able to diagnose that the problem was thermostatic, and made some thorough, yet long-lasting repairs to the circuitry. The entire freezer didn’t need replacing, and it is now in good stead for many more years to come.

Butcher Display Fridges, Campbelltown

This large butcher shop in Campbelltown was having difficulty fitting its wide selection of meats into its previous display fridges. One day, it decided that it would make a significant difference to the appeal of their selection if they upgraded to four new display fridges.

For these highly visible and important refrigerators, we went to great lengths to install them so that cables were obscured, for aesthetic as well as safety reasons.

Corner Store Mini Fridges, Elizabeth

For this small corner store in Elizabeth, they needed a small scale refrigerator solution for their new drink selection. The other requirement, was that they wanted fridges that were easy to relocate and rearrange, so that they could find the position that makes the most sales over the coming months. They decided to have us install two models of refrigerators, across three miniature sizes. These fridges are easy to move, and even rest on shelves or stack on top of each other.

Hotel Lobby Vending Machine, Campbelltown

A popular hotel in Campbelltown realised that it could benefit guests by providing a vending machine in the lobby rather than have them walk across the road for refreshments. And furthermore they realised that a well-placed vending machine can be very profitable. Thankfully they knew that this was a job for the refrigeration experts. The main function of vending machines is temperature regulation, and this makes installing them very similar to installing a refrigerator. We have ample experience, including in vending machines, and did a neat job of the cabling and setup.

Factory Outlet Air Conditioning, Campbelltown

A large-scale factory outlet and warehouse in Campbelltown employed us to replace their existing inadequate air conditioning system. For a shopping environment, moreover a work environment involving heavy lifting, proper cooling is crucial.

This project required thorough planning and experience with large-scale air conditioning on our part. And hence we were able to air condition the entire interior space for an extremely economical price. Large-scale air conditioning can be incredibly good value, and always makes a world of difference to your building.

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